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Michele Trott (nee Wilson) is a New Zealand-based science writer who pursues freelance writing projects alongside her in-house role as a scientific content writer at Izon Science. After completing her PhD (Endocrinology) at Lincoln University (NZ), Michele began pursuing her science writing career with Technology Networks in the UK. There, she spent 12 months covering a maternity leave role as a science editor, and managed the cell science, biopharma and diagnostics communities. Upon her arrival back in NZ, Michele established “Choice Science Writing” and became a full-time freelance science writer, working with life science marketing agencies, biotech companies – and of course, Technology Networks – to produce engaging articles and blog posts. In April 2021, she took up the opportunity to join the team at Izon Science, a company that enables the precise separation and analysis of extracellular vesicles and other nanoparticles.

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Antimicrobial Resistance: Drivers, Diagnostics and DNA content piece image

Antimicrobial Resistance: Drivers, Diagnostics and DNA

Combating AMR is going to take coordinated action of different approaches, such as improved public education and national action plans, greater surveillance, improved diagnostics, and the ability to harness advances in genomics and big data.
Stability Testing of Biological Products: 9 Challenges content piece image

Stability Testing of Biological Products: 9 Challenges

The efficacy and safety of a biopharmaceutical product depends on the product’s ability to maintain its molecular confirmation. As there is no single assay or parameter that sufficiently profiles the stability characteristics of a biological product, protocols for assessing stability can vary greatly. Download this list to get an overview of the general considerations that should be on your stability-assessment checklist.

Multidrug-resistant Fungus is a Serious Global Threat

Candida auris, a yeast infection that is resistant to multiple antimicrobial drugs, presents a serious global threat.
Industry Insight

Releasing the Handbrake on Exosome Applications

Despite the great excitement about exosomes and their huge diagnostic and therapeutic potential, the technology needed to advance this work is lacking. We spoke to Jim West, CEO of Clara Biotech, who tells us how his team is working to fill that gap.
Industry Insight

Keeping Cell and Gene Therapies Alive in Transit

Cryoport is the single largest cryogenic delivery system for immunotherapy drugs, and the sole cryogenics logistics provider for the first two commercialized cell therapies. To learn more about the company providing the logistics backbone of clinical trials for regenerative medicine, we caught up with Mark Sawicki, chief commercial officer.

Blood Test Distinguishes Fibromyalgia From Other Inflammatory Conditions

A blood test for fibromyalgia would be a relief for millions of people living with the poorly-understood condition, which is characterized by many symptoms including chronic widespread pain, sleep problems, and fatigue.
Industry Insight

IEX Chromatography Leading the Charge in Charge Variant Analysis

Find out how the biopharmaceutical industry has benefited from advances in chromatography technology, with insights from Matthew Lauber, consulting scientist at Waters.

Italy Bans Unvaccinated Children From School

Children in Italy have been told not to turn up to school unless they can prove that they have received mandatory immunizations.
Industry Insight

Breath Test for Cancer: Biomarker Screening is Underway

The thought that compounds in the breath could be measured and assessed to diagnose different aspects of pathology is an exciting prospect. To learn more about the breathalyzer platform being used in clinical trials to detect early cancer biomarkers, we spoke to Chris Claxton, head of investor relations at Owlstone Medical.

Incentivizing Drug Development for Rare Diseases

On Rare Disease Day 2019, we discuss how regulatory incentives are necessary for encouraging rare disease drug development, and share the testimonial videos from this year's international campaign.