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The newly developed multiplexed orthogonal base editors (MOBEs) minimize unwanted edits while still achieving high levels of efficiency.

Multiplexed Orthogonal Base Editors Install Multiple Point Mutations at Once

Researchers from the University of California San Diego have developed new, efficient genome editing tools called multiplexed orthogonal base editors (MOBEs) to install multiple point mutations at once
An outline of the brain, with different areas shown in green and dark blue.

CRISPR Method Rapidly Examines Cellular Drivers of Neurological Diseases

A new CRISPR screening method offers a look into the "black box" of the brain in neurological disorders, potentially uncovering new therapeutic targets and treatments.
Sugar cubes piled on top of each other.

Sweet Taste Receptor Helps Regulate Glucose Metabolism

The sweet taste receptor might be the first stop in a metabolic surveillance system for sugar, helping to regulate glucose metabolism.
A neuron.

Targeting Abnormally Active B-Cell Metabolism Reduces Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Abnormally active metabolism in B cells drives pro-inflammatory responses that lead to myelin being attacked by T cells. By targeting B cell metabolism, multiple sclerosis flare-ups are reduced.
Two sticks of vanilla.

Bioengineered Enzyme Produces Natural Vanilla Compound From Agricultural Waste

Researchers develop an enzyme which can convert ferulic acid from plant waste into vanillin - the classic vanilla flavored compound.
A white mouse walking over test tubes.

Novel Gene Therapy Targets Disc-Related Back Pain

An estimated 40% of low-back pain cases are attributed to degeneration of the cushiony intervertebral discs that absorb shocks and provide flexibility to the spine.
A family holding hands walking through a grass field.

Discovering the Hormone Behind Monogamous Parenting

What makes the oldfield mouse steadfastly monogamous throughout its life while its closest rodent relatives are promiscuous? The answer may be a previously unknown hormone-generating cell.
A close of on an individuals feet while standing on weighing scales.

Semaglutide Could Offer Long-Term Weight Loss and Cardiovascular Protection Effects

In the longest clinical trial yet of semaglutide, a prescription drug sold under the brand names Wegovy and Ozempic, researchers analyzed the drug's long-term weight loss effects.
B cells.

Midnolin Depletion Shows Promise in Cancer Treatment

By completely or even partially depleting a protein called midnolin in B cells, UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers suppressed leukemia and lymphoma in a mouse model genetically prone to these cancers.
Microscopic imaging of blood vessels.

Blood Vessel Protein Linked to Drug-Resistant Cancer

Researchers clarify the role of an elusive angiocrine factor in the tumor microenvironment and its effect on cancer stem cells. Further research will serve as a stepping stone to effective therapies for drug-resistant cancer.