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AbD Serotec Improves Antibody Generation Process

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MorphoSys AG announced that its research and diagnostic antibody unit AbD Serotec has demonstrated progress using the HuCAL-based technology platform to generate custom-made monoclonal antibodies for research and diagnostic use.

According to MorphoSys, over the course of the last four years, it has gradually improved success rates year-on-year starting at 80 percent in 2006 to reach 98 percent in 2009. This was mainly achieved through a high degree of automation in many aspects of the antibody generation process, by optimizing protocols and finally by the implementation of HuCAL PLATINUM, the latest version of MorphoSys's antibody libraries.

"Thanks to the very effective technology and process development efforts at AbD Serotec, we have managed to deliver antibodies in almost every customer project we initiated in 2009. The success rates achieved by AbD Serotec in 2009 are significantly higher than the average success rate usually seen in the industry with animal-based methods, of around 75 percent,'' commented Dieter Feger, Head of AbD Serotec.

Feger continued, "The HuCAL technology is making ever-increasing inroads into the diagnostics market as its intrinsic advantages are recognized."