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BioSante Reports 100% Protection from H1N1 Challenge When Using BioVant™ Adjuvanted Vaccine

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BioSante Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has announced presentation of H1N1 vaccine results at the Immunotherapeutics & Vaccine Summit in Providence, RI.

BioSante’s vaccine adjuvant, BioVant™, increased the protective effect of vaccines for multiple flu strains, including a potential new vaccine against H1N1 (swine flu), which resulted in 100 percent protection from symptoms of illness, including weight loss, and death in animal studies.

The BioSante presentation, “BioVant Calcium Phosphate (CaP) Nanoparticles: An Effective & Safe Adjuvant for Influenza Vaccines including H1N1 and H5N1,” showed that BioVant-adjuvant effectively enhanced the natural immune response to the swine flu, using a BioVant-adjuvanted matrix protein M1 vaccine, and to H5N1 (bird flu), using a BioVant-adjuvanted H5N1 vaccine delivered via intranasal administration.

The studies concluded that swine and bird flu vaccines using BioSante’s BioVant may allow for availability of a greater number of lower-dose vaccines, due to its dose sparing characteristics, and intranasal administration could wider distribution during a flu pandemic.

“The results of the BioVant-influenza studies suggest that BioVant can increase the efficacy of a potential adjuvant-enhanced H1N1 vaccine,” said Michael Snabes, BioSante’s vice president of clinical development. “The exciting prospect is that BioVant also may allow use of lower doses of H1N1 swine flu vaccines in order to stretch potentially limited vaccine supplies.”

An adjuvant is a substance that, when added to a vaccine, increases the vaccine's effectiveness by enhancing the body’s immune response. In multiple studies, BioVant has been shown to be safe and cause minimal dose-dependent inflammation at the injection site, and has been shown both to prevent the manifestation of allergic response, and, to effectively ‘switch off’ established Th2-T-cell-associated allergic reactions and potentially to be delivered via alternative routes of administration.