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Biosystems Informatics Institute Licenses Proteomics Software From Pattern Expert

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Biosystems Informatics Institute (Bii) and Turbinia Ltd have announced that they have secured exclusive rights from Pattern Expert to modify and distribute software, with a well-proven track record, for the discovery and validation of protein biomarkers.

Bii and Turbinia have applied this discovery-engine as a biomarker software tool to improve the quality of mass spectrometry data used in proteomics and other life sciences disciplines.

"The opportunity to collaborate with the Bii and participate in the subsequently global release of this software in proteomics was an excellent commercial opportunity," stated Olaf Schroeder, CEO of Pattern Expert.

"We believe this application of our technology stands a real chance of being able to deliver mathematical solutions for biomarker discovery at a level not previously witnessed in a biomedical field."

"This is a wonderful example of strategic in-sourcing which is being combined with in-house expertise, and that elsewhere in the North East of England, without whose input the software embellishments necessary for market release and delivery of validated biomarkers would not be possible," noted Ian Humphrey-Smith, CEO of the Bii.

"We believe this enhanced software offers scientists the ability to handle and integrate large data sets as well as identify and contextualize new protein biomarkers. The product will be market ready at the end of September at which time we will be conducting further beta testing."

Prof. John Ditch, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research) at the University of Northumbria commented: "For our researchers, normally well removed from market applications, this unique collaboration provided opportunities for testing and developing cutting-edge research solutions, PhD training and peer-review publication for my team."

"The contract with the Bii was among the very first to use Amazing Interactions Scientific Visualisation technology since spinning out of Teeside University," noted Nigel Rodwell, Technical Director of Amazing Interactions.
"The successful completion of a project, performed to demanding client specifications, will provide us with excellent business credentials that are critical for future success and growth of our young enterprise."

OneNorthEast's David Allison stated, "This collaboration epitomises the very premise for establishing the Bii. By combining the talent and expertise in both academia and emerging small companies, we not only highlight the skills of individual entities but also the region as a whole as a world-class centre of excellence.”