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Bruker Announces Agreement to Acquire Roentec

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Bruker AXS Inc. has announced an agreement to acquire Roentec AG, an X-ray microanalysis instrumentation company with annual revenues of $6-7 million, based in Berlin, Germany. The acquisition is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2005.

Typical applications of X-ray microanalysis include nanotechnology and advanced materials research with customers in industry, academia and government research facilities. 

Roentec has developed an X-ray microanalysis product line with outstanding detector technology, fast acquisition electronics and a comprehensive analysis and quantification software suite. 

Roentec also has developed mobile systems for the X-ray elemental microanalysis of works of art, as well as transportable Total X-ray Reflection (TXRF) systems for elemental trace analysis in liquids, e.g. for environmental or beverage analysis applications. 

Roentec has established good distribution and service capabilities in certain countries, primarily in Europe.

Thomas Schuelein, CEO of Roentec AG, stated, “We are excited about this acquisition because we see strong technological and distribution synergies between Roentec and Bruker AXS in the microanalysis market.”

“Moreover, we believe that Bruker AXS’ global distribution capabilities can also enhance the revenue growth for the novel mobile microXRF and TXRF systems that we have pioneered in recent years.”

“Being part of the international Bruker AXS organization will enable us to offer our customers around the globe enhanced support and service for our innovative, high quality products.”

Dr. Frank Burgaezy, Executive Vice President at Bruker AXS, commented, “Roentec has pioneered advanced detector technologies and novel methods for microanalysis, and has a strong customer base in certain geographical markets.”

“However, Roentec has been distribution-limited and at a size disadvantage relative to its larger competitors.”

“We believe that the innovative Roentec technologies and product lines, further enhanced by our technological capabilities, can offer leading performance and comprehensive software capabilities to X-ray microanalysis customers in materials research worldwide.”