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Capsulution NanoScience Participates in NanoforLife Programme

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Capsulution NanoScience AG has announced that it has been chosen by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) to receive funding from the programme "NanoforLife", totalling EUR 600,000 over a period of three years.

Capsulution was selected from a large pool of applicants. The aim of the granted project is the development of drug delivery formulations for a variety of pharmaceutical compounds.

Schering AG, Berlin, leads the joint project, in which several other companies and research institutions participate; amongst them is the University of Regensburg. The project also receives assistance from ConsulTech GmbH.

“The BMBF development programme ‘NanoforLife’ focuses on those projects in Nanotechnologies, whose implementation in practical applications will be decisive both for public health and the competitiveness of the location Germany,” said Alexander Herrmann, Chief Scientific Officer of Capsulution Nanoscience.

“Having been chosen for the BMBF grant underlines Capsulution’s leading position in this field.”

Capsulution Nanoscience develops innovative formulations for active pharmaceutical compounds, to transport these safely and effectively to the desired location in the human body.

Capsulution’s products are based on the proprietary LBL-Technology® (Layer-By-Layer) – a method of producing polymeric nano-capsules.

Various polymers can be applied to encapsulate pharmaceutical as well as other chemical compounds.

Additionally, the capsules’ exterior may be functionalized, for example through the addition of targeting molecules such as monoclonal antibodies.

LBL-Solv is a means of drug reformulation that nanoencapsulates water-insoluble active compounds in order to increase their bioavailability.

In addition, LBL-Intra is an application specific to intracellular drug delivery. The capsules may also be applied to improve the function of drug-releasing implants.

Capsulution is also working on the development of applications in the filed of nano-diagnostics.