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CTT Enters Into R&D Agreement With GE Healthcare

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CTT Cancer Targeting Technologies Ltd. and GE Healthcare have announced that they have entered into a research agreement in the area of targeted medical imaging, a technology that could enable earlier detection and diagnosis of diseases like cancer.

The aim of this research collaboration is to test whether the CTT’s proprietary technology can be used as a methodology for targeted imaging.

During the first phase of the collaboration, CTT will generate and test selected imaging agents proprietary to CTT.

Following positive completion of a first study, GE Healthcare and CTT will consider exploring a broader use of the CTT technology in medical imaging.

Under the agreement GE Healthcare will have an exclusive option to license any imaging agent resulting from the collaboration, which will be supervised by a Steering Committee consisting representatives from both companies.

“Needless to say, we are very happy with this deal. We have been in contact with GE Healthcare for a long time and we have already conducted several initial studies for them,” said Oula Penate Medina, CEO of CTT.

“Diagnostic imaging is a rapidly growing segment of Healthcare Industry. We will do our utmost for finding some promising new imaging agents within this R&D work. In our opinion GE Healthcare is one of the best possible collaboration partners for us.”

GE Healthcare is committed to personalized medicine and is therefore actively collaborating with innovative research orientated biopharmaceutical companies and top academic centres.

“CTT’s proprietary targeting technology may allow us to identify novel imaging agents for the early diagnosis of disease,” said Dr. Marivi Mendizabal, Head of Research in GE Healthcare - Medical Diagnostics.

“This may help physicians to prescribe the right dose of the right drug at the right time to the right patient.”