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Decision Resources Announces Electronic Format for the Spectrum Report Series

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Decision Resources has announced that it has found that leading pharmaceutical companies that manufacture and market monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) are targeting smaller companies for acquisition in order to obtain the promising technology in the development of MAbs.

The Spectrum report Industry Analysis - How Companies Can Maintain the Market Success of Cancer MAbs finds that smaller, cash-poor companies on the leading edge of MAb development face an uncertain future as they will likely become acquisition targets and be forced to decide whether to attempt survival on licensing and royalties or to pursue their own product development.

MAb-driven mergers over the past year include Amgen's acquisition of Abgenix, AstraZeneca's purchase of Cambridge Antibody Technology, and Merck's acquisition of Abmaxis.

The report also finds that the premium pricing of monoclonal antibodies could cause significant marketing problems for drug developers in the years ahead.

"Cancer-targeting MAbs continue to push the limits in this market," said Matt Drapeau, an author of the report.

"Their ever-soaring prices indicate that the breaking point is fast upon us. Payers must decide whether to reimburse potentially life-saving new treatments while wrestling with the reality of extraordinarily high priced MAbs."

"This situation does not bode well for drug manufacturers and could cause a backlash against the industry."

Industry Analysis - How Companies Can Maintain the Market Success of Cancer MAbs is the first Spectrum report available in Decision Resources' Spectrum online format.

The features of Spectrum online include easier navigation within reports, enhanced abstracts, and executive summaries.

Spectrum's report abstracts, tables of contents, and executive summaries highlight:

- Comprehensive descriptions of report scope including companies mentioned

- Business implications that pinpoint the report's most relevant audiences

- Key strategic issues addressed in each report, tailored to specific stakeholder groups

- Key tables and figures and related Spectrum reports

- Expertise of the author(s) and Decision Resources' program managers

- Forward-looking quotes from Decision Resources' program managers and their biographies