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Diosynth Announces Agreement with ImmunoGen

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Diosynth Biotechnology, Inc. has announced the execution of an agreement with ImmunoGen, Inc. for the production of antibody to be used in the manufacture of ImmunoGen's huN901-DM1 anticancer compound.

Under this agreement, Diosynth Biotechnology will undertake technology transfer and conduct process and analytical development work related to production of ImmunoGen's huN901 antibody.

Diosynth will then manufacture - under cGMP - bulk huN901 antibody for ImmunoGen utilizing the Diosynth cell-culture, fed-batch technology.

ImmunoGen intends to use this antibody in the manufacture of future huN901-DM1 clinical materials.

“We are pleased to have been selected by ImmunoGen to produce antibody for their most-advanced product candidate,” stated Richard A. Basile, VP of Diosynth Sales and Marketing Group.

“ImmunoGen's choice of Diosynth further underscores the reputation of Diosynth Biotechnology as a leader in process development and the manufacture of cGMP-grade monoclonal antibody, consistent with our strength in the global biotherapeutics CMO arena.”