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Enavail Applies Particle Engineering Technologies to Increase Drug Solubility, Stability and Bioavailability

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Particle engineering company Enavail announced that it has obtained an exclusive license from The University of Texas at Austin for a portfolio of particle engineering technologies that will be utilized for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and nutraceutical applications.

Enavail is an Emergent Technologies, Inc. (ETI) portfolio company, headed by Dr. Brian Windsor, President and Dr. Breca Tracy, Assistant Managing Director. Enavail’s scientific team is led by Chief Scientist Robert O. (Bill) Williams III, Ph.D.

The U.S. drug delivery system industry is $80.2 billion and demand is expected to grow 10 percent annually through 2012. One of the most challenging problems for the pharmaceutical industry in development of new drugs is poor solubility of lead compounds. Poorly water-soluble new chemical entities (NCE’s) exhibiting therapeutic activity is a major hurdle and can delay and even prevent commercialization. Development of compounds that are potentially very promising can be halted due to insolubility, and marketed drugs with poor or erratic bioavailability have a greater risk of adverse side effects.

“Promising drug candidates often fail in their early development due to poor bioavailability,” said Brian Windsor, President of Enavail. “Poor bioavailability even affects a large number of marketed drugs, so improving solubility can have a tremendous impact on NCE’s, reformulations, and even biologics. Whatever the case, Enavail’s proprietary particle design technologies provide solutions that get molecules off the shelf and back into the pipeline. Ultimately, this technology will allow healthcare patients worldwide to realize the benefits of new medications with decreased side effects.”

Enavail uses a suite of proprietary, proven and scalable technologies for generating amorphous or crystalline materials with greatly enhanced bioavailability and high potency. A highly controllable bottom up approach is taken, allowing for precise control of particle size and polydispersity. For proteins and peptides, this means high surface area, non-denatured powder forms of labile compounds. For small molecules, Enavail can generate crystalline or amorphous forms of poorly-soluble molecules, providing high potency and greatly enhanced dissolution.

The technology allows for a versatile approach that is amenable to multiple routes of administration - oral, pulmonary, intranasal, parenteral - offering the benefits of enhanced bioavailability and high potency to therapeutics across the spectrum. Enavail offers custom, economical solutions to partners from initial drug screening through to cGMP manufacturing of materials for clinical trials.