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Evotec and Vifor Pharma Sign Major Cooperation Agreement

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Evotec AG has announced that it has signed an agreement with Vifor Pharma. Evotec will provide and project manage the discovery activities to identify a preclinical candidate for the treatment of anaemia. Due to confidentiality reasons both companies will not reveal further details about the research project.

The agreement applies Evotec’s integrated drug discovery expertise and technologies to progress novel small molecules for the treatment of anaemia from discovery into lead optimization.

Evotec will use scientists based at both its European and Indian sites covering in vitro biology, medicinal chemistry, in vitro and in vivo pharmacology and the programme will be funded through research funding and success based milestones.

Dr Werner Lanthaler, CEO of Evotec, commented: “This agreement represents a great step forward in our business model, as we are committed to identifying a preclinical candidate within an agreed budget. This will allow us to fully integrate and leverage all of our research sites and scientists to efficiently deliver a preclinical candidate to Vifor Pharma and clearly demonstrates the complete integrated drug discovery capability we have.

“We have a high regard for Evotec's drug discovery and development expertise and the capabilities and technologies they will use to progress our project. They have a proven expertise in drug discovery and development and we look forward to achieving success with Evotec” said Dr David Ebsworth, CEO at Vifor Pharma.