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Fusion Antibodies Announces Appointment of New CEO

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Fusion Antibodies has announced the appointment of Simon Douglas PhD, as its new Chief Executive. The appointment of Dr Douglas further strengthens the board at Fusion Antibodies, following the appointment of Sir John Cadogan CBE FRSE Hon FREng FRS, as Chairman in 2005.

Sir John Cadogan, Chairman of Fusion Antibodies, said, "Simon brings a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge from his fifteen years in the biotech industry and the combination of his scientific, managerial and entrepreneurial skills will be crucial for driving Fusion Antibodies forward."

Dr Douglas was previously Chief Executive of DNA Research Innovations Ltd. (DRI), a start up venture set up in 2000, acquired by Invitrogen Inc. in 2004, and prior to that Chief Executive of Tepnel Life Sciences plc.  

He also has extensive experience at all levels of management having worked for Zeneca plc, ICI Diagnostics and Amersham International in a range of commercial and technical roles.  

Dr Douglas has a PhD in in-vivo Diagnostics, an MPhil in Immunology and a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Southampton

While at DRI, Dr Douglas completed two rounds of Venture Capital financing and achieved sale to Invitrogen for $65 million, a significant return for investors.

Sir John was a founder investor and Chairman of DRI until it was acquired by the Invitrogen Corporation in 2004.

Prior to this he was the first Director General of Research Councils at the Office of Science and Technology, having previously held the Purdie Chair of Chemistry at St Andrews and the Forbes Chair of Organic Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh.

He spent twelve years at BP, joining in 1979 as Chief Scientist for the BP Research Centre before becoming Director of Research in 1981.

Dr Douglas added, "Fusion Antibodies is a very exciting company to be working for. In the short period since it was created it has made incredible progress, becoming the leading biopharma company in Northern Ireland."

"I hope to build on this success through the creation of strategic collaborations and increased investment."