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High Salt Diet Causes Dementia -in Mice

News   Jan 17, 2018 | Original Story from Weill Cornell Medicine

Gut-Brain Research Shows High Salt Intake Causes Dementia -in Mice

White blood cells that produce a protein called IL-17 (green) accumulate in large numbers in the small intestine of mice fed a high-salt diet for eight weeks (right), compared with mice fed a normal diet. This magnified image shows cells in a part of the intestinal layer that absorbs digested food and protects against infection. Photo credit: The Iadecola Lab, Weill Cornell Medicine



How the Brain's Epigenetic Factors Change in Alzheimer's


Pioneering research into the mechanisms controlling gene activity and epigenetic factors in the brain could hold the key to understanding Alzheimer’s disease and might help identify effective treatments in the future.


How Good News Influences Our Gut Instincts


We make judgements quite rationally or "by the gut". Not only experience and relevant information play an important role, but also our preferences. A study by the Max Planck Institute for Metabolism Research in Cologne shows how the reward system in the brain conveys judgements affected by one's own desires, and how our inner beliefs are altered more by good than bad news.


Grant Brings Ultrasound Therapy for Neurological Disease a Step Closer


The emerging technology of sonogenetics—a technique where cells are controlled by sound—offers the potential to one day replace pharmaceutical drugs or invasive surgical treatments for neurological conditions like epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease or post-traumatic stress disorder. A new research program could take this technique to the next level with $750,000 of funding.



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