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Gyros Platform Ramps Up Immunoassay Capacity at ICON Development Solutions

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Gyros AB has confirmed that ICON Development Solutions, a division of ICON plc, has ramped up its capacity to develop and run immunoassays through the purchase of a third Gyrolab™ workstation.

John Allinson, Vice President Biomarker Lab Services at ICON Development Solutions, explained the reasoning behind the decision: “We are constantly looking for innovative systems that will deliver efficient, high quality and cost-effective bioanalytical services to our clients. Investing in the Gyros™ platform enables us to make significant gains in assay quality, performance and productivity. We can improve the workflows of multiple projects through leveraging a unique, automated, yet open, platform on which we can develop and run many different immunoassays whilst also overcoming many of the challenges associated with conventional immunoassays.”

Mr. Allinson continued, “The systems have become almost a ‘one-stop shop’ to meet our immunoassay requirements for some projects whilst complementing other platforms for others. We are also planning to introduce Gyrolab workstations into our US facilities in the near future to enable them to benefit in a similar way”.  

Erik Wallden, CEO at Gyros, added: “We are extremely gratified to see that our systems contribute so significantly to the success of CRO’s. ICON is an excellent example of a clearly emerging trend in which forward-thinking contract service organizations strengthen their competitive edge by investing in innovative solutions that better meet their clients’ needs. This trend is particularly strong in the European region where CRO’s are winning contracts from around the world.”