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HistoRx and Eli Lilly Enter Into Collaboration for Pathology Analysis

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HistoRx, Inc. and Eli Lilly and Company have entered into a collaboration to apply the HistoRx AQUA™ platform for quantitative pathology analysis.

The collaboration calls for the use of the AQUA™ platform to generate in situ proteomic information to elucidate different aspects of Lilly's drug discovery and development pathway.

Robert A. Curtis, Pharma.D, president and CEO of HistoRx, Inc. noted, “This collaboration is an illustration of the broad utility of the AQUA platform, as the technology is applicable across multiple areas of Lilly's drug discovery and development efforts.”

“The information afforded by the AQUA™ system allows greater insight into the role of protein expression in disease and how it will affect patient stratification and drug targeting, moving us closer to a new era of personalized, molecular medicine.”

Dr. Curtis also noted that the importance of understanding where in a specific sub-cellular compartment a particular protein is expressed, in addition to just merely knowing the protein's level of expression, is beginning to build momentum in the scientific community as a key driver for understanding disease.