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InforSense® and GeneGo Integrates Technologies to Provide Pathway-Centric Data Analysis

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InforSense Ltd. has announced that the company has joined forces with GeneGo. The companies are integrating their technologies to allow researchers to better probe their data and share their work process across different research domains. GeneGo has also joined the InforSense Open Workflow Partner Network.

The integration of GeneGo's reference system for curated pathway analysis and InforSense's integrated, interactive workflow-based data mining technology allows researchers to query their data and share their results across the research and development value chain.

In addition to the integration of InforSense KDE and MetaCore, which is already available, the companies are in the process of integrating InforSense KDE with both MetaDrug and MetaBase.

Customer feedback supports integration of GeneGo's software suite with the InforSense workflow technology, as researchers will be enabled to bridge domains such as genomics and metabolomics with high confidence data using a systems biology approach.

In addition, users will be able to annotate pathway data with experimental results and clinical data and thereby better predict patient outcomes.

"The collaboration between InforSense and GeneGo will deliver to thousands of users the needed environment for leveraging high-throughput biology and chemistry data more effectively for better and faster decision-making within the life science industry," said Julie Bryant, Vice President of Business Development of GeneGo.

"InforSense workflows enable life science researchers to compose and execute scientific analyses quickly and easily without programming, sharing both methods and results with co-workers."

"MetaCore has grown to become a key component in the research toolbox in the life sciences, particularly within the pharmaceutical industry, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to work with GeneGo," commented Dr. Jonathan Sheldon, Chief Scientific Officer, InforSense.

"The integration of pathway analysis with InforSense KDE is a key component of our multidisciplinary analytics platform for Systems Biology."