Scientists Turn Understanding of ALS Pathology on Its Head

News   Apr 17, 2018 | Original Story from UNC Healthcare

Large Accumulation of ALS Protein Fibrils Not Toxic

Nikolay Dokholyan, PhD. Credit: UNC Healthcare



First Detailed Structure of Telomerase Revealed


Over 30 years after its discovery, the detailed molecular structure of the longevity protein telomerase has been revealed, which may have implications for cancer treatment and bone marrow transplants.


Investigating Inflammasomes Implicated in Diabetic Retinopathy


Team of researchers employ mouse model exhibiting diabetic retinopathy symptoms that could lead to future translational research studies.


“Lymphoma Micro-reactor” Targets Chemo-Resistant Lymphoma


Researchers have developed a “lymphoma micro-reactor” device that exposes human lymphomas to fluid flow similar to that in the lymphatics and parts of the lymph node.



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