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Metabolon Acquires Metabolomic Discoveries GmbH

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Metabolon, newly announced the acquisition of Metabolomic Discoveries GmbH, a leading metabolomics services and diagnostics company based near Berlin, Germany. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

“The acquisition of Metabolomic Discoveries builds on our vision to bring the value of metabolomics to regions around the globe as we continue to realize the promise of this unique and powerful technology,” said Metabolon CEO John Ryals, PhD. “This achievement acts as yet another proof point of our expansion and leadership in the metabolomics space, delivering new services and clinical products that improve health. The addition of Metabolomic Discoveries furthers our global expansion strategy and will provide us with greater access to the European market as we continue to innovate and grow.”

In addition to the acquisition of Metabolomic Discoveries, Metabolon has also established joint laboratory collaborations this year with organizations in China and the Middle East.

Nicolas Schauer, PhD, Metabolomic Discoveries’ managing director and co-founder, will join Metabolon’s executive team as managing director and continue to oversee laboratory operations in the German location.

“This is a great opportunity to combine our metabolomics expertise and approaches,” said Dr. Schauer. “Joining the leading metabolomics and biomarker company will enable us to offer new services and precision medicine products to a broader group of researchers and clinicians. I look forward to accelerating the metabolomics market in Europe with Metabolon.”