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Metabolon & DIAN Enter into Metabolomics Laboratory Licensing Agreement

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Metabolon announced today that it has entered into a joint laboratory licensing agreement with Zhejiang Dian Diagnostics Co., Ltd. (“Dian”), one of China’s largest chains of independent medical laboratories. Dian will establish Metabolon’s proprietary Discovery HD4™ platform in their brand new, state-of-the-art laboratory in Hangzhou and use their extensive market presence to commercialize Metabolon’s metabolomics-based products and services throughout China.

The partnership enables Dian to promote Metabolon’s products for research use in pharmaceutical, consumer goods, agricultural, academic and clinical applications, as well as support large-cohort population studies throughout the Chinese market. The agreement also provides the opportunity to negotiate additional future licenses to commercialize new precision medicine and diagnostics products.

Discovery HD4 screens the largest, most diverse metabolite library in the industry and leverages Metabolon’s proprietary software to deliver the most accurate and comprehensive metabolomics data available. This data is currently being used by life sciences researchers to gain immediately actionable information and understand genomic and other -omic data.

“Establishing the Discovery HD4 platform in China allows Metabolon to better serve current and future customers in this significant market with our advanced metabolomics technology,” said Metabolon CEO John Ryals, PhD. “Dian is well-positioned as a leader in clinical and research markets, and we look forward to working with them to expand our opportunities in life sciences research, commercial, diagnostics and precision medicine markets.”

"As one of the largest independent medical laboratories in China, Dian has consistently focused on technology innovation as its key strategy for sustainable growth,” said Chen Haibin, Dian chairman and CEO. “Dian’s collaboration with Metabolon, a world-leading company in metabolomics, will bring a cutting-edge platform to the Chinese market to assist clients and promote the application of advanced clinical tests. I am very confident in the success of this collaboration and look forward to the opportunity to work with Metabolon in the areas of diagnostics and precision medicine."

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