Brain Networks Predict Vulnerability to Depression

News   Mar 02, 2018 | Original story by Kara Manke for Duke University

Networks of Brain Activity Predict Vulnerability to Depression

Mice that are more vulnerable to developing depression-like symptoms show different networks of electrical brain activity than mice that are more resilient. Credit: Jeff Macinnes and Kafui Dzirasa, Duke University



The Mouse Brain Can Prioritize Hunger by Suppressing Pain When Survival is at Stake


Researchers show that pain and hunger interact in complex ways in mice: extreme hunger suppresses less-urgent inflammatory pain, so that the mice are willing to go find food, but leaves them able to feel and react to more life-and-death kinds of pain.


A New Way of Thinking About Tau Kinetics


Scientists have used mass spectrometry and stable isotope labeling kinetics to study tau in the cerebrospinal fluid of people who were known to have Alzheimer's and healthy controls with some interesting results.


Cytoskeleton Implicated in ALS Gene Study


A huge team of international researchers has identified a gene associated with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The gene, KIF5A, further implicates the cytoskeleton as a common factor in the disease.



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Sorice Madina | Mar 09, 2018

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