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Pfizer Inc Joins £10 Million Bioprocessing Research Programme

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The BBSRC has announced the launch of the second round of funding for the Bioprocessing Industry Research Club (BRIC).

The 17 current industry members have agreed to continue their support for a second 5 year academic research programme, and are joined by new member, Pfizer Inc. Dr John Mott from the Pfizer, St Louis, USA laboratories spoke to a BRIC scientific meeting in Birmingham, where he described the importance of biopharmaceutical bioprocessing for Pfizer.

The club funds research in all aspects of bioprocessing of biologics, but applications in priority research areas will be particularly welcomed by the steering group that assesses applications:

• Bioprocessing research challenges for protein products and their host cell producers

• High-throughput bioprocess development

• Effective modeling of whole bioprocesses

• Robust and effective analytics for bioprocessing

• Bioprocessing research for cellular products.