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QIAGEN acquire OmicSoft Corporation

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QIAGEN announced the acquisition of OmicSoft Corporation, providing access to OmicSoft’s powerful multi-omics data management infrastructure solution as well as ‘omics’ data sets that complement QIAGEN’s bioinformatics portfolio.

OmicSoft is recognized for its suite of software solutions that enable scientists and researchers to efficiently analyse and visualize their own data sets and compare them to massive volumes of publicly available ‘omics’ data sets and share results with colleagues. These solutions, which integrate enterprise access and cloud-based resources, are essential in addressing the rapidly growing need of researchers in discovery and translational research to manage, compare and share the massive volumes of data on DNA, RNA and other biological variables generated with next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies.

OmicSoft is expected to enhance QIAGEN’s bioinformatics portfolio by adding key features for the management, analysis and sharing of both primary data and analyzed results, while also expanding the range of QIAGEN’s translational and clinical applications.

Through the addition of OmicSoft, QIAGEN will now offer solutions across the full spectrum of data management and interpretation needs. Within these infrastructure solutions, OmicSoft adds the ability to mine curated ‘omics’ data for unpublished findings.

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