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Scienion to Partner with Maine Manufacturing

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The FAST® Slide product line is built around the nitrocellulose coated FAST Slide which is used extensively for all protein array applications. The product line also includes the FAST Quant micro ELISA arrays with specific cytokine antibody panels and the Serum Biomarker Chip, a family of multiplexed immunoassays for measuring key cellular growth proteins, as well as accessories and consumables.

Dr. Holger Eickhoff, CEO of Scienion AG, states: “Maine Manufacturing has an outstanding reputation for high quality products and customer care and we believe the FAST Slide portfolio of products will fit in well with Scienion's existing hardware business. Representing the most widely used protein array product line, we are pleased to offer these FAST products to our customers.”

Bill Emhiser, President of Maine Manufacturing, states: “Scienion, with its cutting-edge non-contact printing technology, is a well-recognized solution provider of lab automation and miniaturization in life sciences. Maine Manufacturing provides expertise in membranes and surface chemistries. Our collaboration provides our customers a complete solution for protein analysis and I am positive that customers will benefit from our combined expertise in all aspects of protein arraying and investigation. For us, Scienion is a perfect distributor to achieve wider market reach for our FAST products.”