Fight or Freeze

News   May 14, 2018 | Original Story from the NIH

Scientists Uncover Brain Circuits Behind Putting up a Fight or Freezing

Researchers turned the ventral midline thalamus on and off in mice to study the animals' responses to visual threats. Activated brain cells are shown in green. Credit: Dr. Andrew Huberman and Lindsey Salay, Stanford University



WISDATABASE to Raise the Profile of Women Researchers in Psychology and Neuroscience


Women in Science Database ('WISDATABASE') to raise the profile of women researchers in psychology and neuroscience, launched.


Depression Speeds Up Brain Ageing


Psychologists have found a link between depression and an acceleration of the rate at which the brain ages.


Tiny Particles Carry Tumor Shrinking Drugs into the Brain


MIT researchers have now devised a new drug-delivering nanoparticle that could offer a better way to treat glioblastoma. The particles, which carry two different drugs, are designed so that they can easily cross the blood-brain barrier and bind directly to tumor cells.



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