Developmental Dance of Stem Cells Discovered in Flies, Will Shed Light on Neuro-Repair in Humans

News   Jan 26, 2018 | Original Story from The Zuckermann Institute, Columbia University

Stem Cells That Build a Fly's Nervous System Found, Implications for Human Disease


Stem Cell Study May Result in Stronger Muscles in Old Age


A new study by researchers at Karolinska Institutet shows how an unexpectedly high number of mutations in the stem cells of muscles impair cell regeneration.


I See What You're Thinking: Successful Image Reconstruction Using EEG


In a world first, scientists have been able to recreate images perceived by test subjects using only data from their EEG scans.


Cardiomyocytes Arise from Stem Cell-Like Precursor Cells


UCLA researchers used fluorescent colored proteins to trace how cardiomyocytes are produced in mouse embryos.



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