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The Automation Partnership Collaborates with Major European Biotech

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The Automation Partnership (TAP) has announced its Advanced Projects Group has successfully collaborated with a major European antibody therapeutics company to deliver a custom automated protein purification and concentration

The automated protein purification system has already been installed and tested and can produce system which will help the company accelerate its pre-clinical research.equivalent protein yields to the manual protein processes used previously, whilst decreasing labour and significantly increasing the number of proteins available for analysis.

Researchers at the company no longer need to manually purify proteins and spend hours centrifuging concentration devices to collect protein as these labour intensive tasks have been fully automated within the protein purification system.

The walk-away system, which has been designed to purify recombinant proteins from a 50ml sample lysate, includes automated purification via affinity chromatography, buffer exchange, and then protein concentration.

The system automatically refrigerates samples overnight, or over the weekend, to maintain quality and allow processing outside working hours. Designed to fit this laboratory’s workflow the system performs two runs every 24 hours, each providing 48 high quality bioassay ready protein samples.

Nick Cooke, TAP’s COO and Head of the Advanced Projects Group added: “This custom automation system can be readily adapted to fit other similar applications and TAP is already talking to other companies with highly intensive protein purification activities to discuss variants of the system that would unblock their bottlenecks.”