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Top researcher takes over as Director of the Protein Center

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Jiri Lukas is moving to the center from a senior post at the Danish Cancer Society where he is currently the head of the Centre for Genotoxic Stress Research funded by the Danish National Research Foundation. His appointment will strengthen and develop the protein center, which was set up in 2007 and is now ready to accelerate and expand its research activities.

"We deliberately chose a director with a top research profile because the protein center is now moving from the start-up phase with a focus on infrastructure and the establishment of research environments to phase two with full attention on research activities,” Professor Mathias Mann from the center says.

Therefore, the most important duties that the new director will assume will include directing and developing the center, carrying out independent pioneering research and serving as a mentor to the research group leaders to ensure that the center and its research performs at the highest international level. As director, Jiri Lukas will assume overall responsibility for research, strategy and development at the center, and also for management and operations.