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Brain's Balance Centre Mapped

News   Jan 30, 2018 | Original Story from The University of Columbia's Zuckerman Institute

Two Cell Types Make Up The Brain's Balance Centre in Lateral Vestibular Nucleus

A mouse brain that has received an injection of an adeno-associated virus into the LVN. The green area is the injection site in the LVN. The virus makes a synaptic protein that is tagged with green fluorescent protein, this allows researchers to follow the projections coming from the LVN through the brain and spinal cord (Credit: Andrew Murray/Jessell Lab/Columbia's Zuckerman Institute)



A Third "Short Sleep" Gene Has Been Discovered – And It Prevents Memory Deficits


In a new study, scientists have discovered a third "short sleep" gene. It is the first gene to be identified that prevents the memory deficits typically associated with sleep deprivation.


The Next Generation of Hearing Implants Could Be Soft


Close to half a million people around the world suffer from a serious hearing impairment. Cochlear implants, whilst useful for some patients, do not help people whose inner ear is damaged or whose auditory nerve does not function properly. Now, researchers have developed a soft variant of an implant that communicates directly with the brainstem.


Microbleeds May Be Sign of Trauma After Minor Brain Injury


Using advanced imaging, researchers have uncovered new information regarding traumatic microbleeds, which appear as small, dark lesions on MRI scans after head injury but are typically too small to be detected on CT scans. The findings published in Brain suggest that traumatic microbleeds are a form of injury to brain blood vessels and may predict worse outcomes.



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