Computer System Transcribes Words Users “Speak Silently”

News   Apr 09, 2018 | Original Story by Larry Hardesty for MIT

Wearable Device Picks Up on Words You Say In Your Head

Arnav Kapur, a researcher in the Fluid Interfaces group at the MIT Media Lab, demonstrates the AlterEgo project. Image: Lorrie Lejeune/MIT



Neural Computer Hears Like Humans


Modelling the human senses is an incredibly complex task. Our brains arrange cells into complex hierarchies that process information from our surroundings. Now, a group at MIT have created a model of the human auditory cortex that can hear sounds and music in the same way that humans do.


New Microscope Captures Detailed 3-D Movies of Cells Deep Within Living Systems


Merging lattice light sheet microscopy with adaptive optics reveals the most detailed picture yet of subcellular dynamics in multicellular organisms.


Stable Beta-Amyloid Dimers Identified in Alzheimer’s Brains


A recent study exploited state-of-the-art mass spectrometry to provide the first direct evidence of beta-amyloid dimers in patients with Alzheimer’s disease and points to the potential of these molecules as biomarkers. Beta-amyloid dimers may be the smallest pathological species that trigger Alzheimer’s disease.



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Sharwan Kumar | Apr 09, 2018

.... The last one is people who have disabilities where they can’t vocalize normally.... That is a good piece of work, particularly for the nonverbal and noncommunicating children and adults with low IQ, not only in the English world but also in nonEnglish world as well. The work must come out in the market immediately. All those institutes govt or non govt who care for such persons must immediately come forward to get this work going at a very fast pace. Best wishes.

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