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Automation of Sample Preparation for Metabolomic Analysis Using Robotic Platform

Metabolomic analysis is prone to technical errors at different states of sample preparation (e.g. extraction, purification, derivatization). Therefore, reproducible sample preparation is vital for ensuring reproducible and reliable results. Additionally, sample preparation has historically been a time-consuming challenge and a crucial bottleneck in the whole analytical process. It is desired to develop a method for reproducible, reliable and labor and time-saving sample preparation. Application of robotic platform to automation of sample preparation is a promising approach in this direction.

Herein, we developed an automated sample preparation protocol based on a robotic platform PAL RTC (CTC Analytics AG, Zwingen Switzerland), which represent a modified Bligh and Dyer method producing samples for both hydrophilic metabolomics using GC-MS and lipidomics using SFC-MS simultaneously.