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Agilent Announces the NovoCyte Opteon, a Cutting-Edge Spectral Flow Cytometry Solution

Group of cells on a blue background.
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Agilent Technologies Inc. has announced the NovoCyte Opteon Spectral Flow Cytometer, propelling flow cytometry into a new era of and accessibility. This cutting-edge system sets a gold standard for acquiring, analyzing, and reporting flow data across diverse domains—from basic research to drug discovery and therapy development.

The NovoCyte Opteon represents a significant leap forward in flow cytometry technology, with configurations ranging from three to five lasers and support for up to 73 high-quality detectors. It meets researchers’ needs for sophisticated, large-panel flow cytometry assays while maintaining the easy-to-use features of the NovoCyte portfolio.

Researchers can now explore cellular mysteries with unparalleled precision, simultaneously analyzing over 40 markers, providing great flexibility in flow panel design.  

“2024 marks the 10th anniversary of the introduction of NovoCyte flow cytometry platform. Over the years, the technology-advancing and capability-enhancing NovoCyte Quanteon, Advanteon, and Penteon were added into NovoCyte portfolio, helping scientists to advance their cell analysis research,” stated Xiaobo Wang, vice president and general manager of Agilent’s Cell Function and Phenotyping Business. 

“The addition of the new NovoCyte Opteon couples the inherent power of spectral flow cytometry with a highly intuitive analytical software package which streamlines workflow for high-dimensional, multi-parametric flow cytometry assays while being exceptionally easy to use, maintain and automate,” Wang added. 

Flow cytometry is a crucial technology employed globally, spanning academic centers, biotech firms, and pharmaceutical companies. The NovoCyte Opteon assumes a pivotal role, empowering researchers with advanced spectral capabilities, user-friendly design, and customizable features to align with specific research requirements. Advanced engineering with proprietary technology ensures optimized light collection and electronic signal collection, real-time monitoring, and consistent, reliable data acquisition.

Agilent will officially unveil the NovoCyte Opteon at the CYTO 2024 Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, happening May 5 – 8, 2024.