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AnaSpec Introduces Cherry™Express T7 Protein Expression Kits

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AnaSpec, Eurogentec Group has introduced Cherry™Express T7 Protein Express Kits from Eurogentec. The Cherry™Express kit allows direct visualization through the whole process of T7 protein expression, production and purification without the need for any special requirements or reagents.

This system is also convenient for rapid screening and optimization protein solubility. A simple absorbance reading at 413 nm gives specific and accurate calculation of the target protein concentration at each step.

The Cherry™Express kit provides easy quantification and easy to follow purification steps. When using the Cherry™Express, it is possible to quantify the protein concentration at any step (from protein production to the end of purification process): a simple absorbance measurement at 413 nm allows specific and accurate calculation of the target protein concentration.

The red color constitutes a visual marker throughout the protein purification steps. Concentration of the fusion protein can be determined easily by spectral measurement at 413 nm (before and after purification). After purification, the tag can be cleaved using Enterokinase (a recognition site is inserted at the C-terminal end of the tag sequence). Watch the video on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSASC1HRiJg.

The Cherry™Express system is also appropriate for rapid screening and optimization of protein solubility. The kit provides visual aid for "live" estimation of the best conditions such as time and temperature. Just follow the OD at 413 nm! There is no need to lyse cells to follow the purification process to determine if the protein is expressed or not.

Lack of solubility is a major problem when expressing recombinant protein in E. coli. However, when using the Cherry™Express vector, the Cherry™ tag (heme binding part of cytochrome, 11 kDa) is highly soluble and thus, can increase the solubility of target proteins.

PSCherry1 and PSCherry3 vectors allow expression of protein with the Cherry™ tag at the N- or C-terminus, respectively. The Cherry™ tag inserted in the StabyExpress™ T7 vector gives multiple advantages such as T7 expression, plasmid stabilization without antibiotics and protein visualization.