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Ariadne Launches PathwayStudio® 4.0

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Ariadne Genomics, Inc. has announced the release of PathwayStudio® 4.0 pathway analysis software. Version 4.0 of PathwayStudio (formerly PathwayAssist), contains tools for microarray data analysis and pathway dynamics simulation, as well as over 1000 reconstructed pathways.

"PathwayStudio 4.0 is a new version of our popular pathway analysis software formerly known as PathwayAssist," said Ilya Mazo, President of Ariadne.

"It has been widely adopted in academia, biotech and pharmaceutical companies for the research of cellular signaling, interpretation of microarray and proteomics results and understanding the mechanisms of disease."

PathwayStudio 4.0 scales from desktop to enterprise-wide, designed to allow scientists to reconstruct pathways, understand biology from microarray/proteomics data, predict drug side effects and prioritize bio-markers in a complete, secure data management environment.

Features and functionality offered with PathwayStudio 4.0 include a pathway simulation module to explore the dynamic behavior of pathways, tools for building relevance networks from the gene expression data, and Ariadne's MedScan Reader™ biomedical literature browser.

MedScan Reader is designed to enable the viewing and automated extraction of scientific facts from biomedical literature, including MEDLINE abstracts, journal articles and other source references.

PathwayStudio 4.0 comes with ResNet Core, a database of 50,000 validated facts and 1000+ reconstructed pathways, which can be extended to over 800,000 facts available in the ResNet™ 4.0 database.

PathwayStudio 4.0 is fully backwards compatible with its previous version formerly known as PathwayAssist.

The current PathwayAssist users can upgrade to PathwayStudio and continue using their pathway data and databases after the upgrade. A 20-day trial of PathwayStudio 4.0 is available at company website.