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Biofocus Launches New Compound Libraries

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BioFocus announced the launch of two new compound libraries, targeting Family C GPCR’s and protein-protein interactions.

BioFocus’ new protein-protein interaction library (PPI01) is designed around a novel scaffold that mimics a “beta-sheet type” hydrogen bonding pattern, a key motif observed in protein-protein interactions.

The new FieldFocus GPCR Library (FFG01) is designed using field- and shape-based overlays of known ligands to generate a novel library that targets the allosteric site of metabotropic glutamate receptors, a subtype of Family C GPCRs.

“These latest libraries target areas that are of specific interest to the drug discovery community” said Richard Gordon, Senior Director, Sales and Marketing BioFocus. “In the past 10 years we have expanded our range of available libraries from kinase and GPCR focused, to those targeting ion channels, nucleosides and proteases, and most recently a series targeting protein-protein interactions, providing a level of success of which we are extremely proud.”