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Biotivia Release Resveratrol Related Supplement, Pteromax

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Biotivia has released the world’s first concentrated Pterostilbene supplement, PteroMax, patent pending. Pterostilbene is derivative of some fruits, such as blue berries, and is closely related to resveratrol, the so-called miracle red wine molecule.

In studies done by researchers affiliated with the US Department of Agriculture pterostilbene has shown stronger effects in the reduction of cholesterol and improvement of cognitive function. It is what scientists call a stilbene, one of a class of molecules that are found in grapes and some other fruits. Stilbenes are known to activate genes that create proteins in human cells that have been associated with a wide range of beneficial effects.

Pterostilbene, a compound which has been identified as the molecule in blue berries responsible for their health and medical benefits, is being called the next generation resveratrol. Pure pterostilbene is the key ingredient in this new supplement.

Pterostilbene, a biologically active analog of resveratrol which has exhibited potential cognitive, chemo-preventative, and cholesterol lowering properties even superior in some respects to those of pure resveratrol, is combined with Biotivia’s trans-resveratrol, polydatin, and a complex of OPCs and fruit extracts. PteroMax is the first stilbene complex supplement.

Because stilbenes are difficult to work with and subject to oxidation creating a dietary supplement which contains these molecules has been a challenge to manufacturers. PteroMax is stabilized by the addition of a complex of polyphenols from red wine grapes, green tea and Japanese Knotweed, and protected from oxidation by a patented oxygen scavenging packaging system.

PteroMax is also the first Multi-Stilbene, Multi-Polyphenol Complex modeled upon the work of the stilbene and resveratrol biologists, physicians and biochemists who have been researching resveratrol and other stilbenes at medical schools in the US, Europe and Asia.

James Betz, founder and CEO of Biotivia said: “PteroMax is a new and innovative chemo-protective longevity supplement which represents 4 years of research and development by our scientists working in collaboration with our research partners. Pterostilbene is the most interesting and potentially promising molecule to be investigated since the landmark study at Harvard on resveratrol.

PteroMax contains 100mg of concentrated Trans-pterostilbene. This dosage corresponds to the studies and trials in which Pterostilbene activated a range of desirable biological processes and pathways.

Polydatin, a close cousin of resveratrol and pterostilbene which has also been shown to have metabolic and genetic effects even greater then resveratrol, has never been offered in a dietary supplement before.

Polydatin, Pterostilbene and Resveratrol are safe and non toxic plant based compounds.

Both Pterostilbene and Polydatin, are known to have synergistic effects when combined with resveratrol. The polyphenols in PteroMax are highly active antioxidants which greatly increase the bioavailability of the stilbenes in the blood and tissues. extraordinary anti-inflammatory and immune modulatory effects.