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Boekel's New Heat and Cooling Thermal Mixer

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Boekel Scientific introduces their new Heat and Cooling Thermal Mixer. The Heat Cool Thermal Mixer II has a large intuitive touch screen, interchangeable auto-recognized blocks to fit most laboratory consumables, multiple modes for increased process performance and a large and accurate temperature and mixing range.

Thermal mixers are necessary in modern laboratories for hundreds of processes and testing procedures. The Heat Cool Thermal Mixer II has up to five programmable timed steps to create unique temperature and mixing profiles. These profiles can be saved and named for reuse at a later time. The parameters can be quickly changed to use the unit on the fly for warming, cooling or mixing samples.

Typical laboratory uses include:

Extraction, expression, labeling, purification and analysis of proteins, DNA, Plasmids, RNA, from gels, magnetic beads, tissue, or biological samples.

Cloning through vector ligation and insertion, host cell transformation, transfection, cell cultivation and in vitro synthesis of proteins.

General buffer and sample preparation, enzymatic reactions and digestion, nucleic acid purification, prep work for immune assays, blots as well as time, temperature, mixing rate, and the operation mode can be tailored for the sample analysis process.

The unit has a small footprint and a sturdy design and is available in a Heat Only model as well. Please contact your preferred laboratory equipment distributor or Boekel Scientific directly for more information. Boekel Scientific is known worldwide for dependable instruments supporting the histology, food safety, diagnostic and cell culture markets.