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CrestOptics Launches CICERO System To Provide All-in-One Solution for Widefield and Spinning Disk Confocal Microscopy

Cortical organoid captured using CICERO.
Cortical organoid captured using CICERO. Large image and dual channel acquisition. 60x Oil objective.
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CrestOptics S.p.A. has announced the launch of its new spinning disk confocal microscope system, CICERO. Focusing on the essential elements of epi-fluorescence and confocal microscopy, CICERO has been developed to make high-end imaging accessible to the wider scientific community by providing a compact and cost-effective system for powerful imaging solutions.


CrestOptics’ CICERO system is an all-in-one solution for widefield and confocal imaging. Building on the recent success of the Company’s DeepSIM module as one of Microscopy Today’s ‘Top 10 Best Microscopy Innovations of 2022, CICERO has been developed to expand the Company’s portfolio and enable accessible fluorescence imaging within one compact, budget-friendly, yet high-performing solution. The spinning disk confocal instrument can be easily integrated into existing workflows, with maximum configuration flexibility to support a seamless and user friendly transition, enabling a broad range of imaging applications across basic and applied research.


The compact system facilitates streamlined transition between widefield and confocal imaging, enabling users to simply switch between modes as their imaging requirements evolve. Widefield mode supports informative data collection from samples, such as cell monolayers and tissue sections, whereas the confocal mode allows higher-quality analysis of larger 3D structures, including organoids or whole organisms. Additionally, CICERO’s speed and light efficiency provides the capability for prolonged live imaging and the capture of fast cellular events, such as chromosome segregations and organelle trafficking.


Alessandra Scarpellini, Chief Commercial Officer, CrestOptics, saidStudying the market, we realized that there was a need for an instrument that was equally powerful and easy to integrate into different platforms. Our team have worked hard to ensure that CICERO retains the level of technological excellence and performance that CrestOptics provides in its existing portfolio, whilst ensuring that the instrument was compact and cost-effective.” She added: “Our systems are designed to support and advance a broad range of scientific research – in Italian, a Cicero is someone who guides individuals through journeys to see the most interesting things. True to our values, we envision our CICERO system to do just that, guide researchers’ from the start of their confocal journey and support them in more meaningful discoveries.”


CrestOptics’ CICERO system will be launched at Focus on Microscopy (FOM) 2023, 2nd- 5th April, in Porto, Portugal, including live demonstrations of the system at Booth 38/39.