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InnoSIGN Launches New Suite Products for Pharmaceutical Research and Clinical Studies

An RNA strand.
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InnoSIGN, a life sciences company, announced that it has launched a suite of products and services with this platform directed at supporting biopharma's development activities.

InnoSIGN's products and services being launched for pharma include a CLIA test being run at InnoSIGN's clinical lab in Mason, OH, RUO tests through its laboratory in Eindhoven, NL, PCR kits manufactured under ISO13485, cloud-based algorithms for RNA QC and pathway interrogation. InnoSIGN's products and services are now available through the world's largest marketplace for medical research, "Scientist.com".

Analysis of aberrant pathway signaling has been proven to provide greater insights into targeted therapies directed at ER, AR, PI3K/AKT/mTOR, and KRAS.

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"At InnoSIGN, we empower clinicians, researchers, and our pharma and biotech partners to make informed decisions about treatment plans and research priorities by identifying and quantifying the cell signaling pathways that drive disease -ultimately leading to better and more durable patient outcomes", said Eric Lindquist, CEO InnoSIGN, Inc.

Most diagnostic technologies focus on DNA for mutational analysis and RNA through transcripts tied to protein expression and fusions. However, these approaches fail to capture a holistic view of complex and dynamic diseases, such as cancer. These diseases demand actionable biomarkers that can lead to better treatment scenarios.

InnoSIGN uses a novel biology-first approach to analyze the functional activities of the cellular pathways, thereby capturing the complexity of millions of possible signaling events and determining the most salient pathways related to diseases.

"InnoSIGN's proprietary supervised machine learning algorithms, derived from ten years of research at Philips, and our continuously growing database of signaling pathway activity profiles span multiple therapeutic areas. Our platform yields unprecedented quantification of aberrant pathway signaling. InnoSIGN's platform analyzes the activity of key transcription factors to gain insight into the functional activity of cellular signaling pathways. mRNA levels, transcribed from direct target genes regulated by the pathway transcription factors, are translated into pathway activity scores for the canonical pathways that are the drivers of disease, such as ER, AR, PI3K, MAPK, Hedgehog, TGFß, Notch, Wnt, NF-kB, and JAK-STAT1/2. Algorithms for other relevant pathways targeted by drugs are in development", continued Lindquist.