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Lipomics to Offer Comprehensive Eicosanoid Profiling

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Lipomics Technologies Inc. has announced the availability of an eicosanoid platform to further enhance drug discovery and development for a wide range of critical diseases. The Lipomics platform enables users to profile a broad range of eicosanoids in the cyclooxygenase, lipoxygenase and P450 pathways.

These metabolic pathways are central to inflammation and numerous important diseases affecting millions to tens of millions in the US alone. They also include pathways targeted by COX II inhibitor drugs, including VIOXX®, Celebrex and Bextra, and leukotriene modifiers for asthma, including SINGULAIR®, Accolate® and Zyflo®.Lipomics claims that, a complete understanding of underlying eicosanoid metabolism can be obtained from a single platform.

Current assay techniques measure only a limited number of eicosanoids at once, making it difficult to perform profiling for a complete analysis of eicosanoid metabolic activity.“Our growing expertise and inclusion of leading experts in the fields of inflammation and metabolic diseases on our Scientific Advisory Board provides a perfect environment in which to fully exploit Lipomics’ powerful platform for eicosanoid analysis,” said Tom Anderson Ph. D, Lipomics’ CEO.

“We are pleased to offer this one-stop service to our current clients and to open discussions with potential partners about access to this new assay.” “We believe the ability to monitor eicosanoids with a single assay platform will help many drug companies develop better drugs for diseases such as cardiovascular disease, which causes more deaths in Americans than any other disease and is estimated by the CDC to cost over $200 billion annually in health care expenditures alone.”