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Metabolons Vitamin D Deficiency Test Now Available for Patient Analysis

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Metabolon, Inc., has announced that it is now offering a tandem mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) test for detection of Vitamin D deficiency.

The test is being run in Metabolon’s high-complexity CLIA registered laboratory in Research Triangle Park, NC. This test is available for patient testing.

According to the National Institutes of Health, Office of Dietary Supplements, Vitamin D deficiency is being studied in connection to diabetes, hypertension, and autoimmune conditions.

Vitamin D is also responsible for helping the body to absorb calcium; if deficient this can lead to the development of soft, thin and brittle bones, conditions known as rickets and osteomalacia.

With twenty-five percent of the U.S. population at risk for Vitamin D inadequacy, Metabolon’s test would help detect insufficient levels of the vitamin before levels fall into deficient zones; empowering physician’s to implement personalized treatment regimens for patients in an effort to prevent further or future disease.

In order to establish the highest standard of patient care, the company is seeking accreditation by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), which is recognized worldwide as the gold standard for clinical laboratory quality.

“As the number of Vitamin D deficient patients continues to rise in the U.S., our test and in-house CLIA lab will allow physicians to more efficiently and effectively diagnose and devise personalized treatment regimens for patients at risk for this condition and its consequences,“ stated John Ryals, CEO of Metabolon.

Ryals continued, “Furthermore, our application for CAP accreditation reinforces Metabolon’s commitment to providing the highest standards of quality in our pursuit to fulfill the promise of personalized medicine.”

Following the Vitamin D launch, Metabolon’s proprietary test for insulin resistance, Quantose™ IR, will be available soon in the CLIA lab for Investigational Use Only.