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Metanomics Health Launches its Energy Metabolite Platform - a Unique Target Platform Based on Metabolite Profiling

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Metanomics Health GmbH has announced the official launch of its new Energy Metabolite Platform. This targeted platform maps key metabolites affecting the energy status of a biological system.

Metanomics Health GmbH, a Berlin based BASF Group company, is market leader in offering non-targeted and targeted metabolite profiling to healthcare customers.

“The Energy Metabolite Platform ideally complements our existing targeted platforms covering hormones, eicosanoids and lipids, strengthening our technology leadership position in metabolomics. The current method is applicable to cellular sample types covering more than 70 mainly polar metabolites relevant in the energy metabolism and has been further developed for application in clinical studies based on full blood sampling,” said Tim Boelke, Managing Director of Metanomics Health GmbH.

The value of the new method has been demonstrated in a set of in vitro experiments and published (Link: Metanomics Health GmbH | Applications | Mode of Toxicity Studies) linking energy metabolism to dysfunctions in mitochondrial respiration.

In particular, metabolite profiling was capable of differentiating between mechanisms that impede ATP formation via electron transport phosphorylation.

“Besides demonstrating its utility in toxicology applications, the new energy platform ties in perfectly with processes of high relevance in the area of oncology drug therapy and mechanism of action studies,” stated Tim Boelke.

Boelke continued, “We see high potential for a broad usage in these areas due to the specific strengths of the energy platform elucidating the impact of new chemical entities (NCE) on the nucleotide pool.”

Metanomics Health is systematically expanding its technology and product portfolio for the healthcare industry. Just three months ago Metanomics Health announced the scientific and economic certification program for MetaMap® Tox, a platform that uses metabolite patterns for early recognition of NCE toxicity by DSEC (Drug Safety Executive Council) a pre-competitive consortium of leading biopharmaceutical companies.

“Our unique combination of broad profiling and targeted metabolite platforms in biomarker discovery and validation is key in providing actionable results to our industry partners. As such the new Energy Metabolite Platform is a further example how Metanomics Health enables its customers in core areas of product development”.