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New ReliaPrep Blood and Tissue gDNA Miniprep Systems

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Promega Corporation has announced that it has launched the ReliaPrep™ Blood and Tissue gDNA Miniprep Systems, for the extraction of high yields of very pure gDNA from even the most challenging samples, such as frozen blood. The new kits have been designed for use with small sample volumes and purify clean gDNA without ethanol, which can inhibit downstream applications.

The ReliaPrep Blood gDNA Miniprep System purifies intact gDNA from up to 200µl of blood or body fluid. Genomic DNA can be prepared from fresh or frozen blood in less than 40 minutes, with expected DNA yields of 4–10µg, depending on the white blood cell count of the blood sample.

The ReliaPrep gDNA Tissue Miniprep System purifies gDNA from up to 25mg of tissue. Both systems are complete and ready to use, producing consistent results from run to run and between users even with haemolysed samples, without the use of alcohol washes or precipitations.