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NuGEN Announces Launch of WT-Ovation™ RNA Amplification System

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NuGEN Technologies Inc. has announced the launch of the WT-Ovation™ RNA Amplification System. WT-Ovation™ utilizes an amplification approach that is based on NuGEN's proprietary Ribo-SPIA™ technology, achieving an average of 1,500-fold linear amplification of mRNA.

Following a 3.5 hour amplification process, micrograms of single-stranded cDNA product are generated from as little as 5 ng of total RNA, delivering a cDNA product that is ready for real-time quantitative PCR.

NuGEN claims that, this enables researchers to conduct gene studies even when only small amounts of RNA are obtainable.

"Current RNA amplification systems are limited because they rely on the 3' end of the RNA to initiate amplification. These 3'-biased methods only amplify mRNA with intact Poly-A," said Elizabeth Hutt, vice president of commercial operations at NuGEN.

"WT-Ovation provides a revolutionary approach to RNA amplification. Whole Transcript Amplification effectively initiates the process from anywhere along the mRNA without the need for a Poly-A tail.”

“For the first time, researchers can interrogate the full length of the transcripts regardless of the presence or absence of a Poly-A tail.”

"For example, they can now effectively study splice variants, examine archived or degraded samples, investigate prokaryotic samples, and at the same time bank or archive amplification products of precious samples."

The WT-Ovation™ product is powered by the company's proprietary Ribo-SPIA™ technology, a patented linear amplification method that generates sensitive and fidelity results.

Pre-amplification produces cDNA in proportion to the amount of mRNA species in a sample, maintaining representation, and subsequently enhancing the sensitivity of QPCR analyses.

According to NuGEN, as with other Ovation™ products, WT-Ovation™ requires the same small input and delivers unparalleled yield, fidelity and representation in one day.

"WT-Ovation is a distinctly different amplification approach that delivers superior speed, performance and convenience to whole-transcript analysis," said Elizabeth Davila, CEO of NuGEN.

"Studying messenger RNA populations across the entire transcriptome is now a reality, and WT-Ovation provides an automation-friendly solution to researchers who have high throughput volumes."