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Optimised Protein Orientation Enhances ChIP Assay Sensitivity

Optimised Protein Orientation Enhances ChIP Assay Sensitivity content piece image
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Porvair Sciences has published data that demonstrates how optimising protein orientation for maximum chromatin-antibody binding and capture is enabling its Chromatrap® ChIP-seq kits to offer market leading sensitivity.

Lindsay Parkes, Senior Research Scientist at Porvair Sciences explained "We have developed our bead-free technology to enable maximum capture of antibody. This is achieved by correctly orientated capture proteins throughout the inert filter-based ChIP technology. Most bead-based systems have capture proteins scattered in random orientation which doesn't allow full access of antibodies to binding pockets of proteins, thus giving an overall reduced capture efficiency. This is important for high sensitivity especially for detection of binding of low abundant targets".

The Chromatrap® ChIP-seq kit allows researchers to efficiently enrich chromatin, detecting binding of low abundant transcription factors and histone modifications from the smallest quantity of starting material (1000 cells or 50ng).

Combining high-throughput sequencing in parallel with bead-free technology, Chromatrap® ChIP-seq kit streamlines your workflow. Requiring less manual handling steps that other ChIP-seq kits, the latest Chromatrap® ChIP-seq kit is easy to use, making it perfect for first time ChIP users. Using this kit, a complete ChIP-to-Sequencing protocol doesn’t require overnight incubation or blocking steps and can be completed in under five hours.

In addition to improved sensitivity and throughput the Chromatrap® ChIP-seq kit produces high quality sequencing data (FASTQ > 30) with greater than 95% uniquely mapped reads for transcription factors and histone modifications.