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Paradigm4 Launches REVEAL: Multi-Omics App for Advanced Cross-Study Analyses

Paradigm4 Launches REVEAL: Multi-Omics App for Advanced Cross-Study Analyses content piece image
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Paradigm4 has launched its REVEALTM: Multi-Omics app, allowing researchers to undertake advanced, cross-study analyses and enable quick searches for genes and proteins across all integrated public reference and proprietary datasets. It is built on top of Paradigm4’s SciDBTM next generation analytics platform, designed for rapid data slicing that enables scientific data modelling, storage, and population-scale computation.

The REVEAL: Multi-Omics app provides biopharmaceutical developers the ability to interrogate ‘omics datasets in a rapid, scalable and cost-effective way, giving them broad insights into disease biology, pathology and the ability to test and support hypotheses from multiple studies. It combines a simple load that captures rich metadata, allowing users to construct a select data based on experimental details, pipeline analyses, biosample details and annotation fields.

REVEAL: Multi-Omics streamlines machine-learning across heterogeneous datasets. Data and metadata are curated, quality assured and processed only once, creating a single source of truth for users to query multiple data sets repeatedly and reproducibly. Data selection does not slow down as hundreds of studies with thousands of patients or millions of cells are added.

SciDB’s efficient storage architecture and Paradigm4’s focus on optimal execution speed means the total cost of ownership (TCO) is lower than other bioinformatics ecosystem approaches, collapsing timelines from weeks to minutes. One user, a computational biologist from a top 5 pharma company, reported that REVEAL: Multi-Omics is 10-15x faster than the SQL schema that they were working with.

Zachary Pitluk, Ph.D., VP of Life Sciences and Healthcare at Paradigm4, commented: “Our REVEAL: Multi-Omics app has great benefits for researchers, allowing more questions to be asked in a matter of minutes rather than weeks – it puts the AIR in FAIR*! Having a clear, multi-dimensional view of ‘omics information allows the testing and confirmation of hypotheses of disease stage and severity, and which pharmaceutical intervention could impact the disease. This really can make a difference in accelerating drug discovery. The REVEAL: Multi-Omics app makes it easier for researchers to understand which data is relevant and reliable enough to inform clinical decisions and unlock the ‘ideal state’ of precision medicine.”

Paradigm4’s REVEAL apps are a suite of use case-specific applications that power discovery from population-scale to n-of-1. Other apps developed by Paradigm4 include REVEAL: Single Cell, which enables users to build a multidimensional understanding of disease biology, scale to handle more samples from patients with more cells, and readily assess key biological hypotheses for target evaluation, disease progression, and precision medicine.