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PerkinElmer Streamlines Flow Cytometry Management For Biopharmaceutical Labs With New OneSource Concierge Service

PerkinElmer Streamlines Flow Cytometry Management For Biopharmaceutical Labs With New OneSource Concierge Service content piece image
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PerkinElmer, Inc. has announced that it has added PerkinElmer Flow Cytometry Instrument Concierge Services to its OneSource® Laboratory Services portfolio. The comprehensive and flexible offering will provide biopharmaceutical labs with expert, onsite flow cytometry specialists to help manage their instruments and processes more efficiently and effectively-- facilitating reduced downtime, increased productivity, and better data integrity and reproducibility.

Working side-by-side with pharmaceutical lab managers, PerkinElmer’s experts can provide a range of support-based services for each lab’s unique needs across the entire flow cytometry workflow, including:  

  • Regular Quality Checks (QC’s) on cytometers, instrument cleanings and preventative maintenance, onsite trouble shooting, phone support and initial repairs
  • Full-service cell sorting
  • Instrument and software training and education
  • SOP documentation and lab safety support
  • Consumables management

Demonstrating the potential benefits that labs could gain, early pilot programs for these new OneSource flow cytometry services with pharmaceutical companies delivered up to a 90% decrease in troubleshooting time spent and a 45% decrease in service calls.

Gary Grecsek, VP/GM of OneSource Enterprise Laboratory Services, PerkinElmer,  added, “Flow cytometry is an important part of drug discovery labs, but managing this complex technology in-house can be tedious and time consuming, especially for teams that lack expertise in this area or are experiencing high staff turnover. With our OneSource Concierge Service for flow cytometry, lab managers and scientists don’t have to spend time managing these instruments and processes and can focus on other critical efforts and discovering new drug candidates.

The new flow cytometry service is a part of PerkinElmer’s extensive OneSource services portfolio that includes asset, relocation, compliance, information technology and scientific services. It is also part of PerkinElmer’s deep expertise in flow cytometry, with BioLegend serving as an industry leader in flow cytometry research reagents. These include antibodies and other innovative offerings that span from biomarker discovery through cell function and immune response monitoring.