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Plexera Launches Plexarray™ HT System at SBS

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Plexera®, LLC, has announced the official launch of its new PlexArray™ HT system will take place at the Society for Biomolecular Sciences 17th Annual Conference and Exhibition. The system is on display March 28-30 at booth 437 in the Innovation Plaza of the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

PlexArray™ HT System is a high throughput, label-free, SPR-based biomolecular interaction detection system for producing high quality information on kinetics, affinities, and specificities of reactants. This system includes:

• PlexArray™ Analyzer quickly and easily performs parallel analysis of multiplex detections including low affinity and small molecule interactions. A serum sample can be measured in 15 minutes and thousands of protein interactions can be completed in only 30 minutes.

• Patented PlexArray™ Sensor Chips feature high array density (>1,000 spots interrogated simultaneously), variable array spot size (=>100 µm), and multiple surface chemistries for protein, nucleic acid, small molecule, or live cell immobilization. The customizable microfluidic flow cell, a key feature, reduces sample volume, minimizes sample dispersion, and can be configured into arrays of arrays allowing simultaneous analysis of multiple samples. Biosensor chips can be regenerated, increasing efficiency and lowering cost.

• Process control software seamlessly automates short or overnight runs and Data processing software includes a full set of tools for visualizing data in different formats, QC tools for identifying high value results in large scale data sets and a verification algorithm for speeding kinetic analysis.

“PlexArray™ HT is the culmination of innovative design and development efforts to produce a system with unparalleled throughput, versatility, and ease of use,” said Jay Smith, President of Plexera.

Smith continued, “Our flow cell and array detector together with high density printing and fast data analysis will accelerate drug discovery and development, biomarker R&D, and bioassay development.” Christopher Lausted, Senior Research Engineer at the Institute for Systems Biology summed up his experience this way, “The PlexArray™ HT system gives us the best of two worlds - the real-time kinetic data of a conventional SPR plus the high-throughput of a fluorescence-labeled microarray.”

Plexera has already installed 3 complete systems under its “Early Access Partnerships” and looks forward to establishing additional research collaborations. Joshua LaBaer, MD, PhD, Director, The Biodesign Institute, Personalized Diagnostics at Arizona State University said this about their PlexArray™ HT, “Our experience has been very positive. Plexera is very responsive.” Dr. LaBaer co-invented the Nucleic Acid Programmable Protein Array (NAPPA) method of proteomic analysis.

Plexera’s SPR technology is uniquely designed to facilitate NAPPA. Harvard University has agreed to license NAPPA technology for use with SPR by Plexera’s customers and collaborators.