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Protagen Counts on Scienion Technology

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Protagen AG has announced that Scienion AG will produce protein microarray batches for the clinical validation of the proprietary biomarker panels of Protagen. The batch sizes will comprise more than 1000 arrays.

Additionally, both companies plan to jointly evaluate new platforms for multiplex analytics and to co-develop novel approaches up to proof-of-concept levels under a strategic partnership.

“For the multicenter, international clinical validation studies of our multiplex diagnostic markers for the early detection of multiple sclerosis and the differential diagnosis of prostate cancer it is essential to ensure a consistently high statistical reliability for diagnostic conclusions. Scienion’s sciFLEXARRAYER technology - worldwide leading in nanodispensing - allows the manufacturing of protein microarray batches each with more than 3500 single proteins in highest quality and reproducibility”, comments Dr. Peter Schulz-Knappe, CSO of Protagen AG.

Schulz-Knappe continued, “Thereby, we can realize the needed consistency in quality and properties throughout three stages: from spot to spot, from array to array and from batch to batch.”

“We are very pleased to welcome Protagen as a customer and partner for joint developments. The leading position of Protagen in providing high quality content for protein microarrays, and the UNIarray® concept for the development and validation of multiplex markers offers Scienion the possibility to perform feasibility studies close to the market and thus to demonstrate Scienion’s capacity and efficiency to new customers from the diagnostics and pharma industry“, states Dr. Holger Eickhoff, CEO of Scienion AG.