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Protea Announces Ion Mobility Mass Spec Imaging Services

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Protea Biosciences Group, Inc. has announced that it will be expanding its existing mass spectrometry based molecular imaging by offering Ion Mobility on a Waters Synapt® G2S High Definition mass spectrometer as a powerful extension to Protea’s portfolio of mass spectrometry based molecular imaging services.

“Ion mobility allows the separation of ions in the mass spectrometer based on their size and shape as well as their mass to charge ratio. In combination with the LAESI–MS process, ion mobility provides an orthogonal dimension of separation to help differentiate classes of molecules such as lipids, metabolites, peptides and proteins”, said Dr. Greg Kilby, Protea’s Director of Molecular Imaging and Bioanalytical Services.

He added, “This process results in improved sensitivity, specificity, and confidence in identification of putative biomarkers. Ion mobility is a very powerful tool we can use to extend our in-situ metabolite and lipid profiling capabilities. Protea is uniquely positioned in the industry to provide our client’s access to combinations of both ion mobility and LAESI–MS based molecular imaging.”

Protea has developed several new applications utilizing ion mobility combined with LAESI-MS imaging in areas as diverse as biomarkers of wound healing and in-situ lipid profiling of Alzheimer brain tissue. These, along with other new applications, will be presented at the American Society of Mass Spectrometry Annual Conference in Baltimore, MD.

The Conference will take place at the Baltimore Convention Center, located at 1 West Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21201 from Sunday June 15th through Thursday June 19th.